The Restaurant Menu Strategy that Boosts Social Search Rank and Delivers Killer Social Proof

Nearby“Table for four, please.”

“Okay. I can seat you right away.”


Four menus and a four-top later, your restaurant is set up to make a good impression.  You’ve got the best ingredients, attentive servers and great cooks. But many restaurants will miss the opportunity to leave a stellar impression beyond the four sitting at this table.

Want to earn a higher search ranking in social media? How about some killer social proof of the best your restaurant has to offer? Get more check-ins with your regular menu and specials menus.

We’ll look at three strategies for encouraging check-ins at your restaurant.

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The Simple Tweak that Turns Your Restaurant Menu into a Social Media Magnet

IMG_2926Virtually every person who steps into a restaurant gets the same thing. I’m not talking about your famous peach cobbler or the hottest sushi roll. Everyone gets a menu.

Now, there are exceptions to every rule. My husband had a standing weekly breakfast with a friend at a local taco shop. When the owner would see one of them pull into a parking space, instantly there would be two Diet Cokes on the table and the cook would start one order offajita egg and cheese tacos and one order of fajita steak and cheese tacos. No menu required for these guys. But, like I said, there are exceptions to the rule.

(P.S. I’m quite certain they looked at the menus on their first visit.)

Nearly everyone sees a menu, so why not make it social?

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