The Only Guy on Pinterest?

Heard of the latest hangout where there are four girls for every guy?  Welcome to Pinterest.

Perhaps Rick Backus said it best in his Pinterest profile bio, “I feel like the only guy on Pinterest, but I’m giving it a shot!”

Rick, you may be correct that you’re “the only guy on Pinterest” here in the U.S., but has compiled data comparing users in the U.S. to users in the UK.  Surprisingly, they found that the average user in the UK is more likely to be a 25-34 year old male with an income of over $100,000 (US) who has interests in subjects like Venture Captital, Web Stats & Analytics, SEO & Marketing, Content Management, and Public Relations.  This certainly is in sharp contrast to the reputation Pinterest holds in the United States of America.  Granted, when the user base in the UK is 200,000 and in the U.S. it’s 12,000,000 (of which, 83% are female), the vast majority of pins are going to be more feminine in nature.

As a social media platform, the content is user-generated.  That means that all of this could change if guys were to show up and simply start pinning.  But what’s a guy to pin in a virtual world saturated with DIY crafts, fashion, makeup, and weddings?

Answer:  Whatever he wants.

Drew Hawkins has embraced that attitude and is adding, in his words, “A few extra y chromosomes to Pinterest” with The Board of Man, which celebrates all things masculine from manly men to beer and Mr. T cereal to facial hair and WD-40.  Cheers to you, Drew and collaborating team, for bringing more balance into Pinterest!

Finding the masculine side of Pinterest is possible by carefully selecting which profiles and boards to follow.  With the media attention that Pinterest is receiving, more profiles and boards that could appeal to men are appearing on the site.  Take the San Antonio Spurs, for instance, who apparently started on their boards about two hours ago at the time of publishing.  Professional and college sports teams profiles are showing up all over the place.

Or if William Wallace is more your thing, search for boards about heroes and people I admire.  Even the always faithful U.S. Marine Corps has set up an official profile, complete with a board called “Things that go BOOM“.

Take a moment and peruse the Pinterest categories hidden under the “Everything” tab.  You might find some pins that suit you under categories such as Outdoors, Architecture, Humor, Design, Cars & Motorcycles, Fitness, Technology, Geek, Travel & Places, Science & Nature, and Sports.


Be on the lookout for favorite brands showing up.  The Weekend Warriors will love to know that Home Depot and Lowes have claimed their spaces.  Foodies, Culinary Champs, and Barbecue Masters alike will be delighted with all the restaurants, chefs, and food publications and productions on Pinterest.  Check out America’s Test Kitchen as an example.  Langara Fishing Adventures in British Columbia is showcasing some beautiful photos for the fisherman who loves to travel.  If your favorite brands aren’t there now, I would suspect that they soon will be!

People are pinning whatever they want.  So, use Pinterest’s search engine to find what you love most, like Fred Fortin, who curates a board called Bacon Lovers Stuff.  You might be surprised to find some like-minded people who are just as inspired as you are by Star Wars or beer or whatever it is that moves you.

Yes, Pinterest definitely has a bent toward a feminine perspective today.   Men can certainly stake their claim by being discerning about the  profiles and boards they follow, employing the Pinterest categories, hunting for best-loved brands, and discovering their favorites through a keyword search.

So, ladies, please make room.  The boys are coming.  And Rick Backus, you may find that fraternity within Pinterest riding in on the horizon after all!

What masculine people, brands, and boards have you found in Pinterest?

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  1. He’s by far not the only guy on Pinterest.