MISSION: Social Media Recon

Have you checked out your competitors lately?  Social media provides a simple way to visit your competitors marketing efforts to gain information about their position.

Take about ten minutes today to scope it out.  Learn what you can, but more importantly, take the knowledge you gain and discover not only your threats, but your opportunities to leverage your brand.

1.  How does their packaging look?  When I arrive at their Page or Profile, what impression do I get?  Is it well-branded?  Am I able to tell what response they want from visitors?  Is it current?  Is it attractive?  Look at it with a critical eye.  Take those impressions and then look at your social media with fresh eyes.  That’s where you’ll discover your opportunities to outshine the competition!

2.  What are they offering to their community?  In what ways are they being generous to Fans and Followers?  What value are they adding?  Great information?  Laughs?  Inspiration?  Opportunities?  Financial value?  Now take a peek at your Page/Profile(s), why would you go there if it wasn’t yours?  Now kick up your generosity a notch and you’ll give your Fans and Followers a great reason to come back again and again!

3.  How do they respond to feedback?  Are they giving great customer service in social media?  Are they answering questions and comments?  Addressing problems quickly and effectively?  Are they showing good manners?  Flip back over to your Page or Profile.  Are there virtual high-fives that you’ve left hanging?  Have any problems been ignored?  Dust off that Page policy and tune it up or if you don’t have one, get a blank sheet and start determining the Golden Rule(s) for your business in social media.  What would the difference between blah, mediocre or even good customer service and stellar online support and engagement look like?  Zero in on that and do it to the utmost with consistency!  Assign that responsibility to a team member or outsource because this piece is absolutley critical in the two-way street of social media marketing.

Prepare for debriefing.  In the comments, tell me one opportunity you discovered to strengthen your Page or Profile.  Good luck!



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Creative and driven Social Media Professional. I’m passionate about making you look good. Connecting people is one of my favorite things to do, so social media is a very natural fit. I believe social media is at it’s best when it is an extension of “in real life” relationships. Discover how I can help you leverage social media for your business success by visiting http://promotionsocial.com/services/.

My career journey has taken me from working with teens in a small suburban church to handling corporate meetings for #3 Fortune 500 Company, Chevron, and then on to entrepreneurship in social media marketing.