Live WEBINAR… Pinterested?

Are you a part of all the rage that is Pinterest?  This site is popping up all over the place.  It’s one of the most talked about new websites.  Business people and journalists are taking a hard look at it because of it’s wild success.  Bloggers are crazy about it.  Women everywhere visit to get inspiration and share inspiration.  It’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “I finally did something that I pinned!”   But don’t leave the guys out, men are finding out how pinning their favorite images suits them, as well.  Here at {PRO}motion Social, we love things that get people excited and we want to help you to harness that energy and propel your business toward greater success.

{PRO}motion Social Media is pleased to announce a FREE webinar…  And you are invited!



{PRO}motional Pinning: Propelling Business Success with Pinterest

Who:  anyone with a business that sells using images.  Do you have an online catalog or portfolio?  Do you teach something and use photos to guide the process?  If you’ve ever even thought about using a picture or image to illustrate what is is that you do, Pinterest may be perfect for you!

What:  a FREE webinar

When: Tuesday, February 21 at 12:00pm or 8:00pm (Central) We have arranged two sessions for your convenience.

Where: at your own computer

Why:  Pinterest is the fastest growing site ever according to recent data reported by ComScore. The image-based social site is driving an incredible amount of web traffic. Users claim the site’s addictive qualities and have even coined terms like “Pinteresting” and “Pintervention”! Learn how your images can propel your business to success on the site people cannot get enough of… Join me for a free webinar entitled {PRO}motional Pinning: Propelling Business Success with Pinterest where we will explore:

~How Pinterest Works
~Pinning Etiquette
~How & What to Post for Your Business
~How to Create Engagement with Your Followers


  Space in the meeting room is limited, so don’t delay!



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My career journey has taken me from working with teens in a small suburban church to handling corporate meetings for #3 Fortune 500 Company, Chevron, and then on to entrepreneurship in social media marketing.


  1. Is this the registration?

    • Ron, you’ll need to register at this site:

    • I am so glad you’re writing about this. Friends convencid me to try it a while back. And I scoffed, saying it was a waste of time, only there to make people want to consume stuff. But I joined anyway. Put up a few boards. Use it for sewing inspiration. A casual place to gather ideas for a home (we rent). I’ll continue to use it, but I refuse to become addicted! My initial reaction holds true to an extent. I guess it’s all in what you make of it, and I just want it to be a personal random idea catcher. Not an endless magazine to sift through, ya know. The linking to fb is another topic…. don’t we get enough of each other 😉

  2. I posed a very similar quteison on my blog a while back. But to answer your quteison, I am on Pinterest. However I have spent very little time on there, none of my boards are full. I probably log on to Pinterest once every few week. But I do tend to feel that if too muchb time is spent on there, personal creativity is stifled.